Remember when you put the needle down on a new piece of vinyl and you
got that crackle? Do you recall when recorded music sounded like MUSIC?
Fun Cam's Basement Rock is about putting spirit and guts back into an
over produced, lip synced, auto tuned industry. Basement Rock uses classic recording techniques, like actually playing instruments, singing, and recording
live off the floor. His power pop tunes are sure to turn heads from all genres of
music. Fun Cam was recently nominated for a Toronto Independent Music Award for best Indie or Alt Album.


Stay tuned for new videos for Baby Tonight and Vegan Girlfriend!

Fun Cam's Critically acclaimed album Basement Rock 

The fresh variety makes you appreciate real music again and the lyrics tell a story that feels like your own. No “added trinkets” on

any of these tracks–what you hear is raw

and real, like your mom and dad’s old 

records of their favorite rock band. Its what good music is, always has been, and always will be. And Fun Cam doesn’t mind reminding you of that track after track. 


TIMA nomination

Best Alternative or Indie artist

New Music

We are working on new HITS!

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